Job search

job search

 Job search is a difficult exercise. The situation becomes more critical when you are jobless and no body is there to guide and encourage around you.

The first thing that  time, can save you is only your trust in God. It will  remain  you optimist ,maintain your courage and help you to continue struggle. Here are some guide lines, which can make “job search” a little bit easy task.

Be confident and patience, you are a job seeker and there is a job waiting for you. prepare yourself for that job both mental and physically. Keep your skill maintain and be prepare every time  for test and interview.

Job search starts from job ads published in newspapers, websites and  other medium. You do’t need to apply for every post, keep your moral up. Make your choice clear and mark jobs according to your degree and skills. Now you an impressive CV , which can explain your qualifications and experience with a symmetry.

A professional CV can be made on google docs. It’s a part of google drive now and is absolutely free. A number of beautiful templates are available there without  any cost. After logging in your g mail account, enter “Resume” in search. A lot of templates will be appear, see full design by clicking on “preview” and select one of them. Click on “use this template” and start entering your bio data. In some moments your CV will be ready to send anywhere.

After applying for a vacancy, your first step of job search is complete. As a second step, prepare yourself for job test. It is your skill in your

subject which can keep you on top. So get more knowledge about your desired job and keep in touch with advancement in this regard.

The third step of job search is the interview. Here are some points to remember for job interview. Learn about the organization where you are going for interview. Keep their requirements in your mind, they will check your abilities accordingly.

The interview board may ask such common questions:                          Tell us about  yourself                                                                              What do you know about our company?                                            Why do you want to work with us?                                                      What’s your experience in this field (if you have any)?                          Why did you leave your last job?

You should know every thing  about your subject and job because it comes first both in test and interview. Job search will become an easy task, if you remember all these tips.


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