Employment lawyers in Karachi

Here is a list of well reputed Employment lawyers and law firms in Karachi.

Fazle Ghani Advocates

Fazle Ghani Advocates is an experienced law firm representing individuals and companies in the areas of administrative, public, civil and commercial law in throughout Pakistan.                                                                                                    Ph:  021 35879511

Kabraji & Talibuddin      

 firm was formed in Karachi in 1997 by the two name partners. Between them they have over sixty years of legal experience in Pakistan and elsewhere.                                                                           Ph: 021-35838871-6

Surridge & Beecheno

The Firm was founded in 1948 in Karachi by two British Barristers, Charles Surridge and Peter Beecheno.                                                      Ph: 0 21 2427292

Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Legal 

Founded in 1998, Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Legal (TAGLegal) added yet another professional firm to TA Gorg’s wide group of internationally acknowledged firms.                                                                                 Ph: 021 438 8113/ 4

Vellani & Vellani

Vellani & Vellani, a corporate and intellectual property law firm, was established in 1937. We provide legal services including consultancy services for corporate and other clients. Some of the areas include finance, taxation, mergers, acquisitions, divestments and syndicated loans. Ph: 021 35801000

 A. Nawaz Osmani Law Associates

A. Nawaz Osmani Law Associates is  regarded as one of the best Law Firms in Karachi, Pakistan. Mr. A. Nawaz Osmani, Advocate, having work experience for more the 12 years in the Courts of Law in Pakistan. Ph: 0 321 2770225

Abdul Muqtadir Khan and Associates

This Law firm is dedicated to professional excellence and high quality service and effective, solution-oriented advocacy.                               Ph: 0 21 34890849

Abid Qureshi Law Associates

Abid Qureshi Law Associates is one of the Legal Resources in Karachi. Its address is G-2 Koh-e-Noor Square, Campbell Road.   Ph:0 21 2215477

Abraham & Sarwana

At Abraham and Sarwana lawyers give best possible results through original and creative thinking and close scrutiny of the various implications and problems involved in any matter.                                    Ph: 021 568 7360

Abrar Hasan & Co

Mr. Abrar Hasan- Advocate is a lawyer of Supreme Court of Pakistan and High Courts, he is an LL.B and Juris Doctor (JD-Special Studies)     Ph: 0 21 5656971                                                      

 Falcon Law Associates

Falcon Law Associates have momentous practice defensive about a wide range of hearings in a diversity of substantive divisions.                Ph: 021 35381429

Fareed Mahmood Ghani & Associates

Fareed Mahmood Ghani & Associates is supporting people in employment and labour cases. Ph: 021 5873457

Ghani Law Associates

Ghani Law Associates deals in Labor, Human Resource, Employment and Industrial Lawyers in Karachi.                                                       Ph: 021 35214327

Iqbal International Law Services

This firm has  Divorce Khula Court marriage Corporate Lawyers Karachi Best Family lawyers                                                               Ph:  021 32766968.

Irfan Haroon and Associates                                            

This is Banking ,Finance, Business, Property, Litigation and Family Law Firm in Pakistan.                                                                        Ph: 021 35217094-5

Karachi Lawyers

It is a  Family, Civil, Will & Probate, Corporate, Rent & Banking and Property Law Firm                                                                                   Ph: 021 32766968


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