About Us ( job search )

     Due to horrible increase in unemployment, youth is looking very conscious. The present economic system has been failed to accommodate all, so competition is very high. In this regard, “Job search” is getting more importance. The job hunter or seeker typically first looks for job vacancies or employment opportunities. Contacting as many people as possible is a highly effective but difficult way to find a job.

Many ” job search” engines are working and helping the job seekers. We http://jobsearch.com.pk/ are an organization, trying to simplify the act of looking for employment. We gather the opportunities from different sources including national/ international media, and post on our “job search” website after simplifying the content, so that job seekers can get all respective information in on click.

We also provide news about  job search and market economy and try to paint the real picture of job market of the future. In addition, we help youth in building their careers by our “career counseling” section.